The congregation at Shades Valley has been and remains very active in the community through our outreach programs. If you would like to participate in any of our church sponsored activities call the office to sign up or for more information.


Habitat for Humanity

Our church group works every Friday with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. We meet at the work site at 8:00 and work until about 3:00 pm. The group breaks for a casual lunch with fellowship around noon. For more information or to get specifics for the next Habitat work site, contact Charlie Krauth at 205-491-4587, or email at cakrauth@gmail.com


Mission trip to Chapin, SC


A fourteen member team from Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church (The Rev. Lant Davis, Amanda Davis, Dr. Erskine Carmichael, and Jane Carmichael) and Shades Valley Presbyterian Church (Bryan Heckert, Harold Carlisle, Mary Wyatt Bowers, Chuck Krauth, Lydia Wilfong, Mike Wade, Joseph Riley, Joseph Whitfield, Charlie Krauth) drove to Chapin, SC on Sunday, September 25 and worked 4 days on flood damaged houses in Columbia, SC. Chapin is located
about 15 miles NW of Columbia up 1-26. We stayed at the PDA village at Lake Murray Presbyterian Church in Chapin.

Monday morning, after an orientation by St. Bernard Project, we divided into teams of 7. The group who stayed at the primary site, 3613 Marsteller St., Columbia, mudded, sanded, painted and installed molding in 2 large rooms. It felt as if there was endless sanding to get it right.

The other group of seven first went nearby to 4201 Ridgeway Ave. where they tore out moldy kitchen cabinets and completed the vapor barrier in the crawl space under the house. They quickly realized there were several sections of flooring that also had to be torn up.

The second day (Tuesday) they worked at 6718 Wakefield Rd., Columbia. This involved scraping and removing rotten fascia and installing new fascia. Since this involved old lead based paint, they were required to wear full body suits with hoods and respirators. The temperature was in the 90's. They also had some crawl space work to do.

On Wednesday morning we lost 2 very diligent sanders working on ceiling and upper walls (11 foot ceilings). We drafted the group from the other houses to help us with the last of the sanding and the painting of the rooms. Everything was painted with one coat of primer and 2 coats of color wall paint. We completed the painting of the green room and completed the painting of the blue room except the final coat on the trim. The homeowners were delighted with the colors they had chosen.

When we left we had transformed both of the rooms. The man of the house has dialysis 3 days a week but he told me he enjoyed the way we worked, especially the way we joked and had fun at the same time. Our hosts, Lake Murray Presbyterian Church, furnished breakfast and lunch materials, so each person made their own lunches. Each evening we went as a group and enjoyed good meals together at local restaurants. This was usually the high point of the day. We just relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

It was a banner week. All traveled safely and we had no accidents while working. Just short of heat exhaustion in the monkey (safety) suits.

Looking Good!