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Baby Boomers Ministry Meeting

Sunday, May 11th


Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers changed our way of life. Our schools were crowded so they built new ones. Kids were everywhere so they built parks. Churches focused on families. Youth Ministers were born.

By numbers alone, we were a force to be reckoned with. We were the first generation to be given a name. And we’re still here.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah, and the Beatles were all Baby Boomers. Civil Rights, Rock and Roll, Information Technology, Women’s Rights, changes in politics, and globalization were all brought about by Baby Boomers. We thought we could change the world and in many ways we did.

We made blue jeans what they are.

T-Shirts became a personal statement. Hair became more casual as did clothing styles in general.


We were the generation of Peace and Love. Now we continue to work, produce, and contribute. We still seek meaning and purpose in our lives.

Shades Valley believes that we may be being called to create an intentional ministry to and through Baby Boomers. We are considering things like outreach through social gatherings, Sunday morning studies, and ways for Baby Boomers to participate in the fellowship and mission of the Church of Jesus Christ.

If you’re still into Peace and Love; if you’d like to find more meaning and purpose in your life; or if you’d just like to “Return to Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear”, please join us in the SVPC parlor on Sunday, May 11th immediately following the 11:00 worship service to discuss the creation of activities and programs for this ministry.

All we are saying is, “Give This a Chance”.


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All are welcome!

Graham Standish will be conducting a workshop on this topic on June 12-14, 2014.  We hope that you will plan to attend all sessions and bring friends and family.  He is a nationally recognized and highly regarded speaker and writer.

We will have dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings at 5:45 with Graham Standish’s talks afterward at 6:30.  We will serve breakfast on Saturday, the 14th with program at 8:30.  All of this will be held in our Fellowship Hall.  Please RSVP for these events by calling 205-871-7309 ext. 3. 


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